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Todd Plummer

Morgan Hill,   CA


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Products Offered & Services Rendered

Todd Created Wood is a sole entrepreneurial endeavor.  With schooling in the Art and Design Field, and an in-depth training of a Fine Woodworking emphasis, I offer many unique services and products for both private and professional audiences.  My training spans from design, drafting, fabrication and installation, to consultation, repair, restoration, and engineering involving all sorts of materials.

Custom services and work available include, but is not limited to, the following -

    Fine Furniture- I offer custom designs suited to the article you are looking for in a Master Quality using techniques only found in gallery and museum level furniture. This includes items such as: Dining sets, Coffee Tables, Hutches, Chests, Desks, Chairs, or any derivation there of.

    Finish Carpentry/ Carcass Work-This building style is typically made of materials readily available in the market place. Ply woods, veneers, and milled lumber.  Fine furniture is still available with this category of work, but includes fasteners and such building techniques that are usually excluded from Master quality work.

    Carpentry- TCW also uses fine joinery techniques in building large scale work.  If you have an interior space you would like to remodel or a new structure you’d like to erect, services for design and fabrication are available from the ground up. As well as fine finish carpentry for your current job.

    Rescues- From time to time I’m asked to do a rescue job...  Repairs, refinishing, consultations and special builds to match or compliment existing work are all available on a job by job basis. Please contact me with further information about the work you are in need of...

TCW  has at most times several finished projects and items available in a private showroom and or listed here on the web site. If you are interested in anything that may be available please feel free to inquire. 


Drums and Instruments

Custom Builds; As a custom build. I will build anything to suit your desired individual needs.  As a Master Carpenter, no project is out of my scope of building capabilities.  I use the finest woods and the highest quality parts available. If you have an idea of what you would like to see in an instrument I can fabricate it for you.  This is a close, one on one, style of commission.  Please contact me for details on how to begin a build of this nature.


Finished One of a Kinds;   I have usually always got a few instruments that have been made at an earlier date and are now waiting for a good home.  Not only do I carry a few really nice snare drums and drum kits on hand at the gallery, but there is always a new build in progress for some interesting item, such as kalimbas and stringed instruments.  Take a look at the ‘For Sale’ page to see the items available now. Or come by to see some of the latest unfinished projects.


Refurbishing;   If you have a drum kit and would like any old mounting holes filled, finish repaired, or plys that are de-laminating, I can fix those problems. I can also mount new hardware and create new instruments from old parts and pieces. Quotes are needed for this kind of work.  Please contact me with info on what you are looking to do. Refurbishing is  not limited to drum kits. I also do extensive refurbishing as well as customizations and set up to stringed instruments.


Edge Cutting; Often times with drums and drum kits.  The bearing edges are beat and battered with age and can use a sharpening, or re-cutting, to refresh the sound of the drums. New drums as well come with the same edge all the way across the kit.  The sound of the drums can be customized with new edges. New edges will brighten up the old kits and really detail the new kits.  Prices for new edges run $35 per drum, and can be turned around very quickly. Custom edge profiles are tailored to the sound and response you are seeking.



Special Accolades

Morgan HIll Times-           Master Craftsman, Article

Published 11/17/2010


Awarded San Diego Fine Woodworker’s Assoc. -

Master Craftsmanship Trophy

San Diego Fine Woodworker’s Assoc.


Awarded WoodCraft Magazine’s -

Excellence in Design Award

WoodCraft Magazine....

Fine Wood Working.....

FWW Gallery....


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 Ordering:  If in these pages you find something that interests you, and would like to place an order:  My policy is first come first serve.  I do not charge for talk, and I do not charge for sketches.  My final estimate price will be based on time and materials.  I require a down payment of 50% in most cases.  The remainder, to be paid in full upon delivery.  As your project is being created I will publish pictures to my blog so you can keep up with the progress of your commission, from lumber to glue-ups, to finishing, etc..

Payment options; Currently I am able to take all forms of payment.  My preference is by personal check, however  I am able to take all types of credit cards in the form of Pay Pal purchases. This will be changing in the future as I am working on acquiring a merchant account for credit cards.  Please contact me by e-mail for more information. These prices are all subject to CA state sales tax as well.

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